10 Tips For Reducing Your Office Expenses

1. Cut Down On Printing

It may not seem like it, but printing can be an expensive administrative expense. Paper, ink cartridges, and the machine itself all come with a cost. Cut down on printing to help reduce your office expenses. Better still, go completely paperless.

2. Settle Your Payments Early

Paying your bills and invoices early can give you a discount on the costs. If your suppliers don’t already offer you discounts for early settlement, ask them for some.

3. Consider Remote Working

Remote working, or working from home, does not suit everyone. However, if you can reduce the amount of space you need, you might be able to move into a smaller office. You’ll also save on utility bills and other expenses.

4. Use Free Online Tools

Your marketing department might tell you they need the latest and greatest graphics software version, but do they? There are many free versions of all types of office software, so try using these instead.

5. Use Alternatives To Your Landline Phone

Consider switching off the landline phones and using a free VoIP alternative. If you think about it, most of your landline received calls are usually cold-call sellers.
6. Cut Back On Your Meetings

When your staff is continuously attending meetings, they are less productive. Consider replacing all but the most crucial meetings with a noticeboard or online forum.

7. Use a VA

Employing a dedicated staff member is expensive, and even more so if they are hired for an administrative role. A virtual assistant can take on most of your admin, and you’ll have none of the expense of hiring, training, and employing.

8. Regularly Review Your Office Expenses

Cash can quickly leak out of your business if you don’t keep an eye on your expenses. You should review what you are paying out on all expenses. If you no longer need something, cease it. If you can find a cheaper alternative, switch to it.

9. Bulk-Buy Your Office Supplies

There are certain consumable items that you must have in your office. Buying these in bulk will need an initial larger purchase, but it can save you a considerable amount in the long term. You should also keep a close eye on your office supplies, as pens, post-notes, and other stationery items tend to disappear.

10. Save Electricity

How many times have you passed by an office block at night to see it lit up like a beacon? You could be using two or three times the amount of electricity you need by leaving your lights on at night or over the weekend. Set up a routine whereby someone is responsible each day for turning things off.
Hopefully, following these tips will reduce your office expenses and free up some extra cash for your other business operations.