Considering Relocating Your Offices? Here Are The Advantages of Having Offices on the Peripheral of a City

The advantages of being ‘at the heart’ of the action have long been a way for companies to woo customers and attract high-quality employees.

However, there has been a trend away from city centre office locations in recent years, with many companies opting to relocate to the peripherals of towns and cities. Maybe your business is one of those that have been considering a change. Perhaps you have yet to consider this as a viable option. Either way, this short article aims to inform you of the advantages of having offices on a city’s peripherals.

The daily commute to and from a city centre office location can be long and expensive. As property prices in major cities have sky-rocketed in recent years, employees have had to move further away to find affordable accommodation. This distance often makes their daily commute tediously long and shockingly expensive. An office on the peripheral of the city can negate these issues for your workers.
Similarly, getting supplies to and from your offices can prove more difficult and costly. Often, there will be congestion charges, maximum waiting times, or expensive parking costs. All of these will increase your overhead for getting the necessary supplies in the city.

On-Site Parking

Linked to the issue of transportation is parking. Parking in the city centre is a luxury, and your offices are unlikely to have as much on-site parking as you require, if they have any at all. This lack can be an issue when key clients or suppliers want to visit.
For offices on the peripherals of a city, space is not so much of an issue, and you can easily find a suitable office space with plenty of on-site parking.
Better Experience For Clients

Just as your employees will appreciate the ease with which they get to and from your city-outskirts office, so too will your clients when they visit. Having to wrestle their way through a city’s public transport network may not be the best way to prepare your client for an important sales meeting!
When they arrive at your new office, they’ll likely appreciate the additional space for privacy, presentations, refreshments, etc., that your out of town office affords. Overall, an office on the peripherals of a city will give clients a better experience, and they’re much more likely to want to return.

More Affordable

Your office on the outskirts will come with lower rent and operating costs than a similar office specification in the city centre. The benefits to your bottom line are clear.

Overall Better For Your Brand

The increased contentment of your employees, suppliers, and clients will result in a better overall impression of your company and brand.
When the above advantages are taken into consideration, having an office on the city’s peripherals seems a simple decision to make.