Ten Tips To Finding Your Ideal Office Space

Finding a suitable office space can be challenging. You don’t want to move in somewhere, to shortly discover that your new area is lacking in some vital aspect or other. Also, you don’t want to blow your budget on securing something you deem to be perfect.
#1. Location. Do you need to be in the heart of the city, near your customers, or handy to suppliers?

#2. Size. What is the minimum space you need? Do you have plans for expansion? Have you enough space for all your crucial office operations? Have you considered sharing office space?

#3. Optimising Commuting Compensation. Where do your key staff or majority commute from? Does it make financial sense to choose an office space nearer to them? Could this reduce costs and increase productivity? 

#5. Layout. Does the office layout make the best use of the space? Is there sufficient light and ventilation? Does the plan make a functional working space?
#6. Hours of Operation. Are there any restrictions on working hours? What about out-of-hours use, for instance, networking or marketing events?

#7. Parking. How many parking spaces do you need? Do customers and suppliers need occasional parking? Is there scope to get additional parking from the landlord? Is the parking onsite or nearby?

#8. Consider the Whole Cost, Not Just the Rent. Are there business rates to be paid? What are the monthly maintenance and service charges? Can you move in and operate straight away, or is there work to be done first? Is the rent ‘all-inclusive’? Are there any additional regular costs associated with the tenancy?

#9. Flexibility of Lease Terms. What are the lease terms? Do you have break clauses in the event you need to upsize or scale back? Are there any penalties involved in doing so? 

#10. Working & Communal Areas. Do you have sufficient working spaces, such as workstations, server area, stationery stores, boardroom, classroom, etc? What about communal areas like reception, waiting area, canteen, relaxation area, bathrooms, and so on?
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for new office space in Manchester is to look for the ‘perfect’ solution. The chances are that there is not a perfect match that meets your criteria and budget. You can waste a lot of time and effort searching for the perfect office space, and then end up moving on from it twelve months later due to expansion. 
Hopefully, this brief article will help you develop a better idea of what you should think about when considering new office space. With these factors considered, you’re more likely to find the ideal office space for your business without busting your budget.