Why Greengate is the ideal location for your new office space?

Are you looking for a new office space in Manchester that can offer you everything you need for your business? If so, you might want to take a look at Greengate, an industrial district in Chadderton that has a lot of potential and opportunities for your business. Greengate is close to Middleton and Manchester City Centre, and has a lot of advantages that make it a great place for your business. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why Greengate is the ideal location for your new office space.

Greengate has a rich history and heritage.

One of the reasons why Greengate is an ideal location for your new office space is its rich history and heritage. Greengate was once the home of the famous Avro aircraft factory, where some of the most iconic aircraft in history were built, such as the Lancaster bomber and the Vulcan bomber. These aircraft played a crucial role in World War II and the Cold War, and are still admired by aviation enthusiasts today. Greengate also has a number of listed buildings that add character and charm to the area and reflect its industrial past. Some of these buildings are the former Greengate Power Station, which was built in 1903 and supplied electricity to the Avro factory, and the former Chadderton Town Hall, which was built in 1912 and served as the administrative centre of Chadderton until 1974. These buildings are part of the heritage of Greengate and give it a unique identity and appeal.

Greengate has a diverse and vibrant community.

Another reason why Greengate is an ideal location for your new office space is its diverse and vibrant community. Greengate has a mix of residential, commercial and industrial properties, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere. It also has a range of local businesses and attractions that can cater to your needs and interests. For example, if you need to recycle your scrap metal, you can visit Greengate Metals, a family-run scrap metal recycling company that has been operating in Greengate since 1970. If you are interested in military aviation, you can check out the BAE Systems Chadderton Factory, which is still operational and produces parts for military aircraft, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon. You can also find some leisure and entertainment options in Greengate, such as the Oldham Coliseum Theatre, which is one of the oldest theatres in Britain and hosts a variety of shows and events, and the Boundary Park Stadium, where you can watch some football matches featuring Oldham Athletic. You can also enjoy some green spaces in Greengate, such as the Foxdenton Park and the Chadderton Hall Park, where you can relax and unwind. As you can see, Greengate has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors, making it a fun and exciting place to be.

Greengate has excellent transport links.

A third reason why Greengate is an ideal location for your new office space is its excellent transport links. Greengate is well connected to Manchester City Centre and other areas by bus services, such as the 58, 59, 81, 81A, 149 and 159. These bus services run frequently and cover various routes across Manchester. You can also access the M60 motorway easily from Greengate, which gives you access to the wider region and beyond. The M60 motorway connects to other major motorways, such as the M62, M66, M56 and M6, allowing you to travel to different destinations with ease. If you need to travel by train, you can find the Mills Hill railway station nearby, which offers services to Manchester Victoria, Rochdale, Leeds and other destinations. The Mills Hill railway station is part of the Calder Valley Line, which connects Manchester with Yorkshire. You can also use the Metrolink tram service from nearby Oldham or Rochdale to reach Manchester City Centre or other places. As you can see, Greengate has excellent transport links that make it convenient and accessible for your business.

Greengate has affordable and high quality office spaces.

A fourth reason why Greengate is an ideal location for your new office space is its affordable and high quality office spaces. If you are looking for a new office space in Greengate, you should check out Turner Business Centre. Turner Business Centre is a modern and professional office complex that offers a range of office spaces to suit your needs. You can choose from different sizes, layouts and designs, depending on your preferences and budget. You can also enjoy some of the amenities and services that Turner Business Centre provides, such as private meeting rooms, on-site parking, reception, virtual office services, support services and catering. You can also benefit from the friendly and helpful staff at Turner Business Centre, who will make sure that you have a smooth and pleasant experience. Turner Business Centre also offers competitive and flexible prices, making it an affordable and attractive option for your business.

As you can see, Greengate is an ideal location for your new office space. It has a lot of benefits that will help you grow your business and achieve your goals. It has a rich history and heritage, a diverse and vibrant community, excellent transport links and affordable and high quality office spaces. So why not give it a try? Contact Turner Business Centre today and find out more about their office spaces and how they can help you. You won’t regret it!

Looking For New Office Space? Here Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making Your Choice

It is vital for people who work in an office that they have a comfortable and work-friendly environment in which to spend their days. Failing to do so can lead to a loss in productivity and a high rate of staff churn.

However, choosing an office can be a laborious and time-consuming process, which often results in the wrong type of office being selected, merely to get something quickly. To help you when choosing your next office space, here are some common mistakes to avoid when selecting an office.

Not Considering Future Expansion

Expansion might be the last thing on your mind when you are going through the stresses of office-hunting. However, failing to consider your future expansion plans can leave you with tricky exit negotiations down the line. If you have any goals or aspirations to expand, you should consider the length of the lease you take on and make sure it fits your needs.

Committing To An Inflexible Contract

This mistake is linked to the previous point, in that you do not want to have a lease that offers you no flexibility. You do not know what situations are around the corner, and your lease needs to reflect the flexibility you need in business to deal with upturns and down-sides.

Committing To A Lease Totally Based On The Price

Price is an important aspect of your office lease, however, it is not the only factor. Committing to a lease solely based on the price can leave you stuck in an inappropriate office space that leads to a drop in productivity and an increase in staff churn.

Considering Only Workstations or Desk Spaces

Having an office where every employee has their own desk might be great for the individual employee, but it is in no way cost-effective for your business. There will be very few days of the week when every member of staff will need a desk.

You may have a flexible working policy whereby staff can work from home on certain days or spend some days on the road. Selecting an office space so that every person has their own desk is not practical and will very quickly hurt your pocket.

Failing To Check The Office Condition

A quick walk through a potential office taking a few snaps to show your colleagues and staff is not sufficient. You need to do your due diligence when you are checking the state of the new office space. Signing a lease without doing so could leave you open to all sorts of costs. Check on the condition of appliances and facilities, and make sure that you have sufficient to meet your needs - electric points, heating, A/C, etc.

Failure To Consider Design

Even an office that is the right size has sufficient working facilities, a reasonable price, and a flexible lease; it might not be suitable. It simply might be a little bit drab and dingy. Do not underestimate a well-designed office space. Having a pleasant working environment will reflect on your employees, so consider the office design.

Hopefully, considering these common mistakes will help you avoid making them when you select your next office space.

Ten Tips To Finding Your Ideal Office Space

Are you looking for the ideal office space for your business? If so, we've compiled ten expert tips to help you find the office space you're looking for, without busting your budget.

Finding a suitable office space can be challenging. You don't want to move in somewhere, to shortly discover that your new area is lacking in some vital aspect or other. Also, you don't want to blow your budget on securing something you deem to be perfect.

Considering the following factors should ensure that you choose an ideal office space for your business:

#1. Location. Do you need to be in the heart of the city, near your customers, or handy to suppliers?

#2. Size. What is the minimum space you need? Do you have plans for expansion? Have you enough space for all your crucial office operations? Have you considered sharing office space?

#3. Optimising Commuting Compensation. Where do your key staff or majority commute from? Does it make financial sense to choose an office space nearer to them? Could this reduce costs and increase productivity? 

#4. Identify Must Haves, Should Haves, Could Haves. What factors are crucial in your office space? Which would you benefit from, and which ones are just nice to have?

#5. Layout. Does the office layout make the best use of the space? Is there sufficient light and ventilation? Does the plan make a functional working space?

#6. Hours of Operation. Are there any restrictions on working hours? What about out-of-hours use, for instance, networking or marketing events?

#7. Parking. How many parking spaces do you need? Do customers and suppliers need occasional parking? Is there scope to get additional parking from the landlord? Is the parking onsite or nearby?

#8. Consider the Whole Cost, Not Just the Rent. Are there business rates to be paid? What are the monthly maintenance and service charges? Can you move in and operate straight away, or is there work to be done first? Is the rent 'all-inclusive'? Are there any additional regular costs associated with the tenancy?

#9. Flexibility of Lease Terms. What are the lease terms? Do you have break clauses in the event you need to upsize or scale back? Are there any penalties involved in doing so? 

#10. Working & Communal Areas. Do you have sufficient working spaces, such as workstations, server area, stationery stores, boardroom, classroom, etc? What about communal areas like reception, waiting area, canteen, relaxation area, bathrooms, and so on?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for new office space in Manchester is to look for the 'perfect' solution. The chances are that there is not a perfect match that meets your criteria and budget. You can waste a lot of time and effort searching for the perfect office space, and then end up moving on from it twelve months later due to expansion. 

Hopefully, this brief article will help you develop a better idea of what you should think about when considering new office space. With these factors considered, you're more likely to find the ideal office space for your business without busting your budget.